“It took an exhaustive search to find the perfect editor, one who could edit my work and, yet, keep it mine. Emily Heinlen Davis did just that. Her editing is superb. She also formatted and converted my book for online publication. I wouldn’t trust my work with anyone else and she will be the one to work on all of my future books and publications.” – Kathy Charley

“Emily Heinlen is the best editor that I have ever worked with! She is quick, efficient, easy to work with and her list of corrections/suggestions is nicely organized and easily implemented. In addition to finding mistakes that everyone else missed, she also often suggests alternate wording to make a document more concise and effective. When I send something to be printed or published…I sleep easier knowing that Emily has edited it for me!” – Dan Vaillancourt

The words “reliable” and “extremely proficient” come to mind when talking about Emily. I know a project is going to be furthered if she is involved, at any level. I recommend her, for any endeavor, unconditionally!” – Seth Swirsky

“I have used Emily to edit several business related documents from business proposals to website content. She is very detailed and on time. I would recommend Emily to anyone.” – Timothy Davis, Principal Partner, Inatrex

“Emily was instrumental in getting me through those last crazy months of my dissertation – her knowledge of EndNote and her eye for detail saved what could have been a reference and version control disaster. She is extremely conscientious, timely, and easy to work with – I know you’ll find her the same!” – Sarah Sterling

“Emily is one of the best kept secrets. She is thorough and professional. Her services go well beyond her rates and that’s why I felt inclined to pay her extra!” – Tina Conte, Educator & Coach

“When it came to editing the various drafts and forms of my manuscript, The Rhetoric of North, I was at a complete loss. Emily Heinlen took the gargantuan heap and patiently helped me clearly say what I was saying. I had never written more than a twenty four page paper in college, but desperately wanted to create a story that was concise and accessible. She never missed a deadline and I felt as though I had a partner. I would say that I had been most impressed with her high level of professionalism, but in truth her attention to detail was astonishing. In an industry to which I was quite the amateur, Mrs. Heinlen was a consistent ally, insightful and worth every penny.” – Tom Barry

“I am Nina Forest.  Emily answered an ad on a contract writers’ site; and wow, what a great find she was for me. I have a very technical book in encyclopedia layout, about the autism brain, in process.  Emily was systematic, enjoyed the work, and did exceptional work. She has worked diligently on this project.  I am glad to recommend her to anyone. And will give you my email address, if you wish to ask me any questions:” – Nina Forest

“This amazing lady is putting the finishing touches on my next two ebooks and both will be on the internet bookshelf by Monday morning. I banged my head for months to digitally format my archive of stories and she did in three days what I couldn’t in a year and a half…. for $30! The Smashwords success of Real Life Heist demanded two more in the chamber:  And if it wasn’t for this lady, it would be another year and a half. A wise man knows to seek advice…” – Mark Anthony Given

“Emily is a good editor with a great eye for detail. She caught mistakes in my draft that would have confused my readers, such as incorrect numbering and missing details (for example, I referenced a website, but forgot to add the URL).  She has a good eye for consistency and flagged any text that was unclear or needed to be rewritten. In addition, she did a great job taking my messy draft and formatting it so that I could easily upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing.

She met all of her deadlines, communicated well with me, and really helped me keep my project moving along.  If I hadn’t hired her, my draft would probably still just be sitting on my computer, but, instead, it’s now uploaded to Amazon!

I definitely recommend Emily to anyone who is looking for a good editor who can also help you format your e-book.” – Rachel Thomae, author, The Vacation Diet

“We were very lucky that Emily responded to an advertisement we had posted for the language editing of a scientific book containing 18 chapters. She worked in a very organized manner and finished the job on time. The communication between Emily and the book authors and with the editors was excellent. She was consistent and precise in her comments and improvements of the text. This was all the more important because most of the authors were non-native speakers of English. I highly recommend Emily.” – Frans Padt

“Emily is a pleasure to work with. She provides quick responses, good judgement and attention to detail.” – Deno Seder

“Emily was recommended to me by a successful former doctoral student at my institution. I found the glowing recommendation of her work I received to be completely true also in my experiences.r. Emily was very professional, patient (as my dissertation took some twists and turns), and highly skilled, as the dissertation was accepted without corrections to the final draft. Emily offered helpful suggestions throughout the process that assisted me in improving the ultimate product and definitely reduced my stress level!” – Jenn Samble

“Thank you. I now fully understand the importance of an editor that truly understands APA.” – David L. Greene, Director, University Student Commons and Activities, Division of Student Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University